The EnerPlex Surfr Series

Solar and Battery Powered Cases for the Most Popular Smart Phones on the Market

Surfr for the iPhone 4 & 4S

Equipped with a 1400 mAh battery the EnerPlex Surfr allows you to nearly double your time away from the outlet without worrying if your phone’s batteries will run dry. In an emergency you can utilize the integrated thin film solar panel to get those few precious minutes of battery life to make a call or send a text. Learn More About the Surfr for iPhone

iPhone 4 & 4S Case - Light, Durable, Solar
Thin, Light, Rugged

Hours of Power

Thin, light, but also rugged not only does the Surfr provide your iPhone with extended battery life the hardened plastic case, reinforced with an aluminium frame will protect your phone from incidental drops and scrapes.

Surfr for the Samsung Galaxy SIII

The Surfr for the Galaxy S III is designed with an integrated CIGS solar panel, allowing you to collect power for your phone from the sun in an emergency. Learn More About the Surfr for Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy SIII Case
Put Power in Your Pocket

Sleek, Trim and Powerful


With a thin, white molded plastic frame, the Surfr for the Galaxy S III perfectly matches the trim and sleek lines of the phone it protects. With a huge 2100 mAh battery the Surfr matches the size of the Galaxy’s own, allowing you to talk, text and game carefree.